Job Shadowing

From my presentation i learned a few different roles for a mechanic and I also learned somethings aerospace engineers do and what type of money each make. I didn’t do really good at all, I recorded on screen cast and did not sound good. I can be loud and cover everything on my bullet points. If I could change anything i would actually stand up  and present and add somethings about the education of the job. I wish that i would have stood up and presented. If I could present my presentation again I wouldn’t record it and forget college listing. Now that I have reflected on my presentation, I would very much change it if i were to go back.

Super Bowl Commercial

This commercial is trying to sell Doritos and Mountain dew and is also entertaining . The intended audience is everyone watching the Superbowl.The purpose of this commercial is to sell the kia car and it also entertains the viewer. Intended audience is for whoever needs and or wants a new car.This commercial is a comedy and is entertaining the viewers  The commercials purpose is to entertain viewers and to sell there product known as Alexa. The intended audience are people who are able to buy the product and who are interested in it.

Social Issue

Many States in the united states are liking the idea of the death penalty and so do Americans. 71% of  the total poll say that prisoners should not be sentenced to death based on the crime they committed. 29% of the total poll say that prisoners should be sentenced to death for committing a crime and must face the consequence.But in Illinois 69% say that prisoners should not be sentenced to death while 31% say they should. Very little people think that instead of the death penalty they should receive life in prison and say that its more harsh then killing them for a crime. Although Some people said the Death Penalty should be performed if the crime is overall terrible and the evidence is not deniable towards there case. Another voting option was that the victim’s family should decide the punishment of the prisoner. But very little people voted for that also. Certain crimes should only be held to even think about the death penalty.You shouldn’t want someone dead because of a mistake they have done unless really serious.Death penalties can also be an option in a trial because the people judging and the jury could be racist or not like the person at all. Lastly, a person in court might be innocent to the crime they have been upheld on.